Chicagoland Gems

I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and lived in downtown Chicago for a few years. Having just returned home for a couple of weeks to visit family and friends, and with Chicagoland fresh on the brain, I figured it would be a good time to highlight some of my favorite Chicagoland gems. These are […]

30-Something Nomads: A Perfect Decade to Break From Convention

Though we grew-up strangers, continents apart, and in entirely different cultures, Cay and I were both raised in pretty traditional households with typical sorts of values- work hard, go to school, work hard at work, build a “nest egg”, enjoy said “nest egg”. Along with our similar and separate upbringings, we both shared a sense […]

6 Notable Things About Arkansas

Arkansas– After leaving Louisiana, we began our Northern trajectory with a scenic introduction through Arkansas. For two weeks, we cruised from the south to the northeast area of the state, enjoying the natural landscape, BBQ, and micro-brews as we went. Here are a few things that stood out about Arkansas along the way: